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history of kardo

In 1993, ELEKTRA Kardo started operating under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe Kardo.

The company initially carries out small construction investments.

In 1995, cooperation was established with the Polish manufacturer of electric heating mats and cables – ELEKTRA.

In 2004, the company was transformed into ELEKTRA Kardo s.c.
KARDO becomes the exclusive distributor of electric heating devices in the area of north-eastern Poland.

In the same year, GLEN DIMPLEX joins the main partners of the company – a renowned German producer of heat pumps and storage furnaces.

In 2006, KARDO starts its production activity, focusing on anti-icing systems.
Among others, FC Controller regulators intended for controlling systems and accessories for mounting heating cables in gutters and downpipes are produced.

In 2007, KARDO begins the production of insulating building panels – Thermopanel, which serve as an insulating base for electrical mats. At the same time, the company begins the production of a rack-less construction system – Thermopian.

In 2014 was intruduced the Water Light Surface Heating / Cooling System without concrete screeds – Waterpanel. At the same time, research work was started for the sake of its safe use and application in renewable energy sources.

In 2016, as part of automation, the production was equipped with modern machines and devices, which include, among others, a digital CNC machine tool.

Today Elektra Kardo s.c. is a highly specialized company in the field of electric heating, ventilation and central vacuum cleaning, as well as in the production of modern insulation systems for floors without concrete screeds.

Kardo’s products have gained recognition among a wide range of customers in Poland and abroad, for example in Great Britain, Norway, France, Croatia, Bulgaria and Malta.

28 years of experience makes customers appreciate the professionalism developed by KARDO. As a result, they are happy to come back with new needs, in which they always receive reliable advice and assistance.

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